Javascript: the very worst part

It constantly happens to me that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. I’m probably not the first one, though.

Anyhow, I knew from the very beginning I didn’t know much on JavaScript. This however didn’t stop me from using it. I didn’t even stop me from getting things working with JavaScript. Then some time ago I came across this talk JavaScript: The Good Parts. I realized I perfectly match the description of a JavaScript programmer given by Douglas Crockford at the beginning of the talk. So, taking advantage of some free time I had this Christmas I decided to fix my JavaScript knowledge…

I definitely recommend learning JavaScript properly to every web application developer who hasn’t done so yet (including those using GWT).

During my recent studies on JavaScript I found my candidate for its worst part: the name. Naming JavaScript JavaScript was like painting concrete green to make it look like grass. Concrete is not grass and it should not pretend to be grass. Concrete has its great parts and being grass is not one of them. And so does JavaScript… it does have great parts. Resembling Java is not one them, however.



  1. #1 by patorjk on January 3, 2012 - 3:43 am

    I thought for a second, and I think you’re right. There are bad features of the language, but they can be avoided and will slowly be phased out. The name does more damage than anything else. People think it’s a dumbed down version of Java and it gets a lot of unwarranted scorn thrown its way. “JavaScript Patterns” is also worth picking up.

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